Opics - file size limitations work arounds?

Here’s my problem and my computer specs.
I’m not able to open some files in Boris FX Optics. When I try to open it in BorisFX Optics, I receive this message: “Could not open image (image location)”.

I often create giga-panos and was hoping Optics would work without having to downsize images. If I downsize the image, I lose resolution, but I’m able to edit. I considered dividing the image into a grid and editing one section in BorisFX Optics and then applying the same settings to the rest of the sections; however, this won’t work because the luminosity, hue and saturation ranges vary from one section to the next… this would result in effects being incorrectly color graded.

Also, is there any way to change the settings so that Optics can use my scratch drive instead of it automatically exporting a temp file to C:/…?

Image size that refuses to open:
16476 pixels x 20595 pixels
52.92" x 68.85" @ 300ppi

Computer Spec:
Windows 10 Pro
Optics 2022.1.0.126
Intel i7-7700k
Nvidia Geforce 2070 Super (updated to the most current drivers which is from 7/26/22)
1TB NvME scratch disk
20+ TB overflow scratch disks

Thank you for your assistance


The issue is that a number of the effects, namely the Sapphire filters, don’t tile. The upshot of this is that the entire image needs to be loaded into memory and because Optics has GPU acceleration, the entire image must fit into the maximum GPU texture size. Also, by default, Photoshop eats up 70% of the system ram and as a plug-in Optics only has access to the remaining 30%. For this and other reasons, Optics can’t currently handle images as large as you are working on. In the future, we may be able to utilize a slower CPU approach for images of this size.