Optic PI Library problem

Hi, as far as I know my Continuum PI is up to date, but my Optics isn’t,
I get these msgs when opening PI from Optics

Both of these libraries are in the Continuum library & my Gids.il3 has been modified in that custom emitters have been added, but should Optics reject the whole custom library Gids.il3 just because I’ve added a few with a more recent version of PI?

Now I’m confused, I decided to renew my Optics,
Paid & recieved email with activation code,
but the download says i already have it

& Optics says it’s up to date ? (I haven’t reinstalled or downloaded the installer)

No idea what tto think of this, I just downloaded & ran the installer , it removed & installed Optics again,
Why Optics said that it was up to date & gave the same ‘About’ info as this one I’ve just installed I’ve no idea,
Just been through my bank, saved pdfs, Boris account & emails but no record of me upgrading since end of 2021, :man_shrugging:
This is what i get with this latest download, the same messages as before purchasing renewal.

You are receiving the error because you also have another, newer version of PI installed. You can avoid the error by turning off the “Particle Illusion > Show Library Loading Error Messages” preference.

For questions related to which version you have purchased, please file a support ticket here: https://support.borisfx.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thanks I’ll have a look tomorrow,
But does that mean that PI within Optics is an older version?
Is that the same as i noticed here & does it mean it still wont load the library but now i can turn off he notification,?

Yes, Optics 2022.5 includes an older version of PI which is 2022.5. You can turn off the library notification, since the version of PI 2022.5 in Optics 2022.5 knows nothing about the PI 2023 emitters.

Ok thankyou, I’m guessing at some point that the PI in Optics will get updated in time?

Optics 2023 will include PI 2023.5.

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