Optical Flow in Nuke

I’m having trouble setting up BCC Optical flow in Nuke’s node graph and having it readout in my viewer. Is there any unique way to setting up Optical Flow in a node graph versus a layer graph? Should I be attaching the input to a black constant and the footage to be slowed to the source?


Hi There,

I just took a look at the Optics Flow filter in Nuke and it appears to me as though the vectors are not being displayed correctly. To see this, I set the Composite Motion Vectors to Render which displays the vectors in red over the source. And while I can see that the filter is correctly displaying vector cells with a red dot in the center of each cell, I’m not seeing the expected motion data. Adjusting the Velocity I can see that the filter is retiming the source so that function is working. I’ll ask engineering to review the filter in Nuke to see if they understand why the motion vectors are not being displayed correctly in this host.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.