Optical Stabilizer - Still but loosing focus on some shakey camera bits

Hi, I wonder if a more experienced user might be able to advise me. I’m getting the stillness in the result that I intended when using Optical Stabilizer. However, on the part of the footage where the camera has most shake on it, there are times when the image (especially noticeable when writing is shown), looses focus.

I’m currently rendering the piece, but I shall upload a clip to show this.

In terms of settings, I’m upping from proxy to full picture, then analysing, then please see the screenshot attached for how I’ve got this set up.

I’m a new user, so I wonder if there’s something I’m missing which could help me with this.


Can you describe what the lack of focus looks like in more detail or perhaps send a screenshot or clip? Is it a general lack of focus or is it motion blur in the original frame itself due to fast motion? BCC Optical Stabilizer does not eliminate motion blur that occurs in the original frame. What happens if you look at one of the problem frames with the Optical Stabilizer effect turned off (enable the Bypass option at the top of the effect)? Does the original frame look out of focus or does the focus problem only happen when the effect is applied?