Optics 2021 - Version History

Optics 2021 - 7/20/20

Sapphire Filters
75 curated, Emmy award winning Boris FX Sapphire filters let you create stunning organic looks unmatched by any host native filters. Used by the top visual effects artists around the world on critically acclaimed feature films and television shows. Sapphire’s superior image quality and control paired with
more presets than can be counted offers massive time-savings–allowing you to focus on what matters most, delivering creative impact to your photos. For more information on the Boris FX Sapphire set of filters, please visit: Boris FX Sapphire Filters

The following Sapphire filters are included in Optics:
S_Aurora, S_Autopaint, S_Beauty, S_BleachBypass, S_BlurChannels, S_BlurChroma, S_BlurDirectional, S_BlurMotion, S_Brush, S_Cartoon, S_CartoonPaint, S_Caustics, S_ChannelSwitcher, S_Clouds, S_CloudsColorSmooth, S_CloudsMultColor, S_CloudsPerspective,
S_Crosshatch, S_DigitalDamage, S_DogVision, S_DuoTone, S_EdgeAwareBlur, S_EdgeRays, S_Etching, S_FilmDamage, S_FilmEffect, S_FlysEyeCircles, S_FlysEyeRect, S_FlysEyesHex, S_FreeLens, S_Glint, S_GlintRainbow, S_Glow, S_GlowDarks, S_GlowEdges, S_GlowRings,
S_Grunge, S_HalfTone, S_HalfToneColor, S_HalfToneRings, S_HotSpots, S_InfiniteZoom, S_Kaleido, S_KaleidoPolar, S_KaleidoRadial, S_LaserBeam, S_LensFlare, S_LightLeak, S_Luna, S_MuzzleFlash, S_NightSky, S_ParallaxStrips, S_PseudoColor, S_QuadTone, S_RackDefocus, S_Rays, S_RomanTile, S_Sparkles, S_SparklesColor, S_SpotLight, S_Streaks, S_Threshold, S_TriTone, S_TVDamage, S_Vignette, S_VintageColor2Strip, S_VintageColor3Strip, S_WarpChroma, S_WarpFishEye, S_WarpMagnify, S_WarpPolar, S_WarpTransform, S_Zap, S_ZapFro, and S_ZapTo.

Halo Filter
In the Diffusion/Blurs category, a new Halo filter glows highlights, reduces contrast and softens facial imperfections while retaining image clarity.

Search for a filter using the Search icon at the top left of the Filters window.

Viewer > Preview Resolution
The Preview Resolution defines the default working resolution. Choices are 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, Full. However, when the image is saved, Optics always processes at full size.

Filter Changes
Deleted Filters
F-Stop, Printer Points, Telecine, Temperature The video oriented F-Stop, Printer Points, Telecine, Temperature filters were removed from the Optics photo version as they can be replicated in the Color
Correct filter.

Duplication With Sapphire Filters
The following filters were removed since they can be replicated by the newly added Sapphire filters: Bleach Bypass, Cartoon, Film Damage, Glow, Glow Darks, Glow Edges, Grunge, Lens Flare, Rack Focus, Rays, Streaks, Three Strip, Two Strip, Vignette and Wide Angle Lens.

Lens Flare Based Light Filters
The following lens flare based Light group filters were removed since they can be replicated in the Sapphire Lens Flare filter: Chroma Bands, Fan Rays, Hot Spot, Radial Streaks, Random Spikes, Spikes, Spiral Rays, Star and Water Droplets.

Relocated Filters
Blur was moved from the Lens group to Diffusion/Blurs.

Depth of Field
Depth of Field was moved from the Lens group to Diffusion/Blurs.

Rack Focus
Rack Focus was moved from the Lens group to Diffusion/Blurs.

Split Field
Split Field was moved from the Lens group to Diffusion/Blurs.

Overexpose was moved from the Film Lab group to Light.

Looks was moved from the Special Effects group to Film Lab.

Renamed Filters and Groups
The Multi-Star filter was renamed to Star.

Diffusion Group
The Diffusion group was renamed to Diffusion/Blurs.

Special Effects
The Special Effects group was renamed to Stylize.

Magnifier Removed
The Magnifier was removed since the Viewer can now be set to full size.

Preview Size Preference Renamed
The Preview Size preference was renamed to Preview Resolution.

Bug Fixes
Match Filter & 16 Bit Sources
Match crashed if you loaded a 16 bit image as the match source.

Optics 2021.1 - 7/22/20

Bug Fixes
S_LensFlare Old Presets
There were some out of date S_LensFlare presets included by mistake.

S_LensFlare Thumbnails Missing - Windows
As a result of an installer error, the S_LensFlare were missing on Windows.

Optics 2021.2 - 10/21/2020

Busy Cursor
A busy cursor now appears when processing filters and presets. Even though the busy cursor is displayed, the user interface is still responsive.

Duplicate Layer
Layers can now be duplicated by selecting Edit > Duplicate or right-clicking on the layer and selecting Duplicate Layer. The duplicated layer is added above the selected layer and becomes the new active layer.

GPU Rendering Preference
The GPU Rendering preference now affects the Sapphire filters as well.

Layer Context Menu
Previously, only Delete Layer and Delete Filter appeared when right-clicking over the layer thumbnail and Delete Mask when right-clicking over the mask thumbnail. Now, right-clicking over a layer, except directly over a mask, nows displays both Delete Layer, Delete Filter and Delete Masks (all masks). Right-clicking over a mask thumbnail still displays Delete Mask (single mask).

License Window
“Run in Demo Mode” was moved after “Request a Trial” in the license window.

Moving Layers
The click-able area to move a layer could be small depending on the width of the layer menu. You can now click in any open space within a layer to drag and move it.

S_LensFlare Presets > Flare Position
In S_LensFlare, if you moved the flare position and then selected another lens flare preset, the lens flare position was reset. Now, selecting another lens flare preset will not reset the flare position.

Bug Fixes
Delete Top Layer With Three Layers
Previously, when there were three layers, the top layer could not be deleted. Note: There is a two layer minimum requirement–the original layer and the current layer.

Exiting While In Search Mode Crash
If you closed Optics while still in Search mode, and there was an active filter, a crash occurred.

Film Stocks - 3 Preset Misspellings

  • The Kodak Porta® 160NC and Kodak Porta® 160VC presets were misspelled. “Porta” was renamed to “Portra”.
  • “Fuji Externa 8573 35mm” was renamed to “Fuji Eterna 8573 35mm”.

Paint Crash
Optics crashed if you painted a stroke without a brush selected. The Color brush is now selected by default.

Paint > Invert Mask Had No Effect
If there were no paint strokes when a Paint mask was inverted, the effect did not appear in the Viewer as expected.

S_LensFlare > Flare Designer > Show Background
In the S_LensFlare > Flare Designer with Show Background enabled, background images larger than 1920x1080 did not fill the screen.

Special Character Filenames Didn’t Open
Optics did not open files or files in folders named with special characters.

Spot and Selection Mask Icons Too Small
The Spot and Selection mask icons were too small.

Star Filter Had No Effect With GPU Disabled
On Windows, the Star filter had no effect when the GPU preference was disabled.

Known Issues
AMD System With 128 Cores Crashing Certain Presets
Unless SMT (Simultaneous Multi-threading) is disabled in the BIOS of AMD machines with 128 cores, a number of Film Stocks presets crash Optics.

Zap Crash - Windows
When using a portrait image, Zap crashes if it is the first filter selected.

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Optics 2021.2.1 - 10/30/2020

Bug Fix
Window Docks Moved To Other Display Crash - Mac
On Mac, if you un-docked some of the windows and moved them to another display, Optics crashed on exit.