Optics 2023?

When will the topic “Optics 2023 - Version History” be published?
Exactly one year ago the 2022 started, it’s time for 2023 :smiley:
Anything on the horizon?


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We’re working on it. There are filters from other company products that are currently being developed that we would like to include.

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Good to hear, I’m curious to see what’s coming.

I would like to have the same options for the splines at UltraZap in Boris FX Sapphire :slight_smile:

I am currently looking at the software, but may hold of any purchase for the time being, especially if 2023 is around the corner.

Edit: I cannot even activate the trial, I get a server error, not a great start for me with Optics !

Welcome @jpgrove We don’t provide release dates for upcoming releases. However, when you purchase an Optics subscription, you are entitled to whatever the current version is. If you purchase a perpetual license, you receive a free year of updates. This includes both major and minor updates. As far as the trial licensing goes, I just tested it and it is working fine. If you received an error, it could have been a momentary outage or a result of anti-virus or firewall software blocking our activation system. It would be best to temporarily deactivate those when trying to activate an Optics trial.