Optics acting unpredictably

I’m using Optics 2022.5.1 and have encountered some buggy behavior. Some examples: trying to create a mask via path, I don’t always get points set when clicking on my image. Nothing happens at all. Canceling out of Optics and going back in sometimes fixes. But I’ve also had this happen when I’ve zoomed in on the image and repositioned it in the viewer with the hand tool. I then choose to add a mask path but my cursor remains stuck on the hand tool. Sometimes leaving and returning to Optics fixes, sometimes not. I also had an issue yesterday when I used the Paint filter, set the colors I wanted, painted several different areas of my image, then while doing something else, my viewer suddenly displayed a solid color and I couldn’t recover my image. This time when I canceled out of and returned to Optics, the painting I had done was there, but each iteration of Paint (there were 3) had lost the color value I’d set and defaulted to the orange that the filter offers when you apply it. There were also times when I used Paint and had no option to change parameters at all. They weren’t there. I’m sure there have been other issues I’m not listing here. I’m using Photoshop 2023 on an M1 MacBook Pro running Monterey. Are other people running into bugs like this or is it just me? I’ve used Optics since it was introduced but only recently have run into these problems. Is this just an uninstall reinstall thing? Appreciate any feedback.

@mark-2ain Hmm, I have not seen these problems. One thing that comes to mind is that the pan (hand) cursor is sticking on for some reason. If you are not already doing so, rather than use the Pan icon above the viewer, try using spacebar-drag to pan. This may keep it from sticking on.

You could try Resetting The Optics Preferences as well a Resetting the Photoshop Preferences.

If you are able to come up with repeatable steps to reproduce, please let me know.

Thanks, Marco

I should experiment with another photo to see if anything repeats.

I didn’t mention that when the Paint filter changed all colors back to the default orange, choosing edit brought up no parameters. (I felt stuck in the old SNL cheeseburger diner from the 1970s — if you’re old enough to remember that. If I was going to use Paint, it had to be orange or nothing.)

I also finally succeeded making a path mask to replace a bit of sky with solid blue from the color filter. Then when I returned to Photoshop, the masked area was transparent but there was no color.

Anyway, I’ll see if I can recreate reliably on another image. Then I’ll trash prefs and see what happens.

BTW: One of the things I tried along the way was seeing if I could open and play with the image in the standalone Optics. But Optics said it couldn’t open the file, which, of course, was .psd. So I did a conversion to tiff. But I’m not sure that told me anything. I assume that Optics standalone not recognizing .psd is normal. If it isn’t, there’s another weirdness.

And makes me think there’s something wrong with my image file.

Will keep you posted.

Optics can load tigg, jpg, png and common raw camera formats. We don’t support the PSD files yet.


Latest from my laboratory: I’m still playing with the Paint filter but this time on a new image. If I set a color and paint and then hit “Apply,” I get the expected result. But if I decide I want to change something and go back into Optics, it asks and tries to restore my first filter set, but it forgets the Paint color I chose and sets it back to the default orange. At that point if I choose “Edit” on the layer with the Paint filter, the parameter options are unselectable.

If I cancel out of Optics and go back to Photoshop, the original color is there. Likewise if I accept the Optics filter with the unwanted color change it’s made, I can restore what I did using the Photoshop History window and choosing to go back to the first time I applied the filter.

I played around doing this both with a mask applied and without one. I had thought that maybe the masking issues I was having were affecting the Paint filter. But the same thing happens to the color with or without a mask.

So I’m going to look for the Optics preferences and delete and see what happens next.

@mark-2ain This is a bug and I can reproduce it on my machine. The Paint data is not being stored as part of the the Smart Filter. I will file an issue for this and it will be fixed in the next update. Thanks for pointing it out.

Always good to know it isn’t operator error.

Check out the Color filter, too. I was going to do that next. (With prefs now deleted).