Optics Appears as a Gray Window

I open up Optics in Photoshop or as a standalone and it appears as a gray box. If I click around inside the gray box I can tell that the filter and layer options are there because when clicked and dragged, they appear and I can drag them outside the Optics box. Optics was working until I upgraded my Mac Mini 2018 to Ventura. I’m running the latest Optics and Photoshop. I’ve attached a few photos as well as a screenshot of my preferences. I’ve tried changing the preferences to all the different choices and I’ve also deleted the plist files and reset Photoshop’s preferences to no avail. Thank you for your help!

@sergiovillaedit Please confirm you have done these three things:

I had already tried those based on reading other posts, but I tried them again to no results.

And Marco, thank you for your reply!

@sergiovillaedit Are you running a dual monitor setup? If so, place Optics on the main monitor. There can sometimes be issues with dual monitor setups depending on your graphics card.

I have two monitors. I get the same issue whether it opens on one or the other. Also, Optics was working before when I was running the previous operating system, and it stopped when I upgraded to Ventura.

I am not sure what changed with the OS that would cause this. If you file a support issue Boris FX Help Center, someone can take a look at your machine.