Optics Freezing often when being used as a Plugin Filter from Photoshop

Optics Freezing often when being used as a Plugin Filter from Photoshop 2021-2022 Windows 11

RTX 3090

I’m trying to edit multiple pictures, when opening optics from photoshop I have like a 60-70% freeze rate, where I’m having to go to task manager and close optics because it wont respond and try again… once it opens it functions just fine and no issues at all…

I did see once that it was saying something about opening an application from unknown publisher. but I’ve been having this issue for the last year… any suggestions on what to try?

I’ve tried uninstall and reinstall
Ive tried running shortcut as admin,
Ive tried different compatibility modes…

@tenney801 I see that you have filed a support ticket for this issue. I believe that this is an issue on some machines and has to do with licensing. A manual license should fix the problem. I will ask support to do this for you.

Oh thank you, how do I go about doing the Manual License? also Im having trouble seeing where support tickets are followed up at

Support will respond to you by email.

Ok, I did noticed I sent support a message last month, but didnt ever see a reply, but how do I go about doing the manual License?

Support will contact you, ask for some information and then provide you with a license and instructions to install it.

Make sure the support emails are not going into your spam folder.

Does Support by chance have a phone number?

@tenney801 Support is handled by email, but you are welcome to provide a phone number and they can call if required.