Optics Hangs Or Crashes When Loading An Image

Some users have experienced Optics hanging when loading an image. Here are some tips to solve the issue.

  • Update graphics driver
    Make sure you are running the most recent graphics driver from the manufacturer’s website. Make sure to first uninstall the graphics driver, restart your machine, and then install the new driver. On major Windows updates, the manufacturer’s graphics driver is often replaced by a generic Windows version that does not have the ability to run Optics.

  • Dual Graphics Cards - Windows Systems
    Some systems dual graphics cards–one integrated on the motherboard and a second, dedicated card. When you are on a desktop PC with a graphics card, it should use the dedicated graphics card and ignore the integrated GPU if it’s connected to the motherboard. But this is not always the case, as a laptop uses both the integrated and dedicated GPU. Whether desktop or laptop, sometimes the system makes the wrong choice as to which card to use. Since Optics does not support integrated graphics cards, this can cause a hang if it is selected. To force Optics to use the dedicated graphics card on Windows:

    • Open Settings with Win + I.
    • Go to System > Display.
    • Scroll down to Related Settings and select Graphics.
    • Look for Optics in the list. If you can’t find it there, click Browse, navigate to its location and select the Optics.exe file. For Optics 2022, the folder is: C:\Program Files\BorisFX\Optics 2022
    • Now, click Options.
    • You will see the Graphics Preferences window, select High performance, and click Save.
  • Disable GPU Rendering
    If you are using the most recent graphics driver and Optics still is hanging, the driver may not have the capability to run Optics. In this case, open the Optics > Preferences (Win: File > Preferences / Mac: Optics > Preferences) and set the GPU Rendering to Disabled.

  • Disable Live Thumbnails
    The Live Thumbnail preference controls whether Sapphire filters use an icon or a live thumbnail and some systems have an issue with this feature. Open the Optics > Preferences (Win: File > Preferences / Mac: Optics > Preferences) and deselect the Live Thumbnails checkbox. Restart Optics.

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Hello, Im having the same situation. Im using an iMac 2021 / M1 / 16G /Ventura 13.0
.i’ve done everything written above but it still doesn’t work. When i try to open a photo from Lightroom to Optics it crashes.

@spiritnagual97 We are working on a macOS13 fix for this and a new version will show up this coming week.