Optics modules have x’s in boxes suddenly, licensed version

Hi All, I tried running my copy of Optics 2022.5 today and many modules have red X’s and don’t show the image. I believe this is what happens when it believes it’s running the trial version? This just started suddenly, I do have a license. Interestingly if I go to the license menu option the choices listed are for deactivating the license. Any ideas? I also sent an email support request.


@Tony_L The X’s only show up when the product is unlicensed. Support will be able to look up your license and direct you as appropriate.

Thanks Marco. They helped resolve the issue. Telling Optics to Deactivate and then Reactivating seems to have fixed it. Not sure why it became “deactivated”, the License menu seemed to indicate that optics was in a licensed state, since it gave me an option to deactivate the license.