Optics (offer via wacomtablet) in Davinci resolve - is it possible

Hi there,

Is it possible to use optics in Davinci Resolve i.e. using the lens flares in a fusioncomp.
I guess it is the standaloneversion I got via the wacom pen?


@sorens-service Optics won’t run in Resolve. Resolve uses OFX plug-ins. The OFX version of the lens flare is part of the Sapphire set of filters which can be purchased here: Sapphire Plug-ins
Alternatively, a less expensive option would be the lens flare that is part of the Continuum set of plug-ins. You can purchase the whole set or a subset of the plug-ins in the Lights Unit

Hi Marco,
Thanks for your answer. That’s fine, I just wanted to check what’s possible.
When I open optics, it goes to PI 2022.5 even though I got 2023. I guess this is just because this version is build into the program right?

Since Optics is v2022.5, so is the PI version. Optics 2023 will include PI 2023.

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