Optics Request/Wish List

  1. As a non-Adobe/Photoshop customer/user I would really like to see Optics available as a Plugin to Affinity Photo…please.

  2. ADD IMAGE LAYERS to Optics Stand Alone - I would really, really, like to have the ability to add additional image layers in Optics Stand Alone, please!

  3. ADD LIGHTS - I may not be aware of them, if there are any, in Optics, (but I have not come across any yet) so I would like to see ‘lights/lighting’ added to effects in Optics, such as candlelight, various lighting types like incandescent, fluorescent, LED, etc. for putting into windows/lamps etc. I have been able to ‘fake’ this for one scenario using one of the lens flares, but actual light FX would be nice.

  4. ABILITY TO SAVE PROJECT in Optics Stand-Alone! Currently it seems only a and flattened image file can be saved out of Optics Stand-Alone. Optics needs the ability to save a work in progress, all layers intact.

Thank you for any consideration of my above wish list requests for the great program that Optics is.


  1. We highly encourage Affinity users that want Optics support to post the request on their forums. It will require work on their side to use Optics as a plug-in.
    2 and 3. Noted.
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Thank you Marco. I will post about plugin option in Affinity forum(s) too. Good point. Thank you for noting the other 2 requests (fixed my grammar a bit to hopefully make points clearer too :smiley: ) Regards.

I forget to include in my original post, the now, added 4the request: ability to save project, layers intact, from Optics Stand-Alone. Right now seems can only save flattened image. One may spend long time working on image, and want to save and come back later and carry on. Important. Please add this too to Optics Stand-Alone.

Thank you.

For your 4th request, when saving to the TIFF file format, you can optionally save the Optics setup
(filter, layer and mask information) along with the final file. If you then open up the saved TIFF file, you are able modify the filter, layer and mask information. For other file types, you can save the Optics setup using File > Save Setup which can then be loaded at a later time.

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A second thumbs up to #3.

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Save TIFF with setup. Ok, that works. Good to know, thanks. I think it would be clearer if the default save saved as an Optics file with all layers/filters intact but now I know this so very helpful. Thank you, Marco.