Optics Tutorial Topics?

Hey Optics users,
We are looking for training requests. Please let us know what type of topics you would like to see covered more for Optics.

Landscape, Cityscapes and night street (cinematic) are on my menu :yum:

Thanks @Reinier,
If you can point to any images or specific styles for reference, that would be much appreciated!

Hi Ross,

Here are my Flickr images Reinier Snijders | Flickr were you can see my style of processing. I use LR / PS / Nik / Luminar and from now on also Boris optics to bring it to the next level. I have to figure out this software how I can benefit the most from it…
Maybe my type of photography won’t benefit the most from optics but for sure it will add some icing on top of it :slight_smile: I like to try new territories and I like new techniques in processing, that’s why I’ve bought this software. On the last one on Flickr (Lower Antelope) I’ve used Boris optics a little.


Beautiful images! I could see some of the following filters subtly incorporated into your work for a finishing touch:
Light: UltraGlow, LightLeaks, LensFlare
Diffusion/Blurs: Fog, Mist, etc
FilmLab: FilmStocks

I will reach out to you directly.

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