Optics update doesn't actually update?


I keep going in loops trying to update Optics as a Photoshop plugin. But the download won’t ‘take’ as a new version. I’m running - according to the about info under the help menu - Optics 2020.2 20201019.220816 and trying to install Optics-2021.2.20201020

Can anyone give me a clue, please? :slight_smile:


Can you uninstall the old version? What operating system are you on?

Also make sure Photoshop is not running during the installation of Optics.

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Hi, Mary

I’ve tried everything - I’ve uninstalled the old version and reinstalled using the newer file. The newer file, incidentally, has the same name as the older file and so I overwrote it when saving the download. Is the wrong file attached to the download page at your end, perhaps? And to double check, I just went through that process again now. Uninstall, reinstall, check for updates, and there it is again - yes, update to latest version, click the download button, “file already exists, do you want to overwrite it”, yes, rinse and repeat. I’ve tried installing as Optics is running (through Photoshop), and tried installing after uninstalling and reinstalling while neither Photoshop nor Optics is running. I’m running Windows 11 now, but this was also the case on Windows 10.


Do you have multiple installations of Photoshop on your machine?

No, just the latest version. And I did a full clean reformat/reinstall of everything a few days ago.

Hiya, sorry to jump in but i’ve been trying update the standalone a few times because the manager always says it’s an option, so have been following this,
What is the most current version no’? when i try to update it says i already have that file, i too have uninstalled reinstalled etc. I just presumed it was a manager bug, but looking at the op’s no’s i don’t know now
the date in the windows folder 15/10/2021 is the last time i tried, that time i clicked yes to replace it.

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Any solutions? I purchased ‘‘perpetual support’’ for another year and that hasn’t changed anything either. Do I get my money back, or…???

@PetraZoe Installing new versions is normally a straightforward process and there is nothing special that needs to be done. There is something odd going on.

Please file a support case here at: Boris FX | Open a Case and request that they do a remote session on your machine to solve the problem. Thanks.

For anyone else reading the thread, please note that Optics 2022 does not auto-update from within the application and we suggest simply downloading and installing the new Options 2022 side by side with your previous version.

If your Optics subscription is active OR you purchased a standard Optics license anytime after Feb 16, 2021 , your upgrade to 2022 is free.

Your existing license key will unlock Optics 2022.

Download Optics 2022 here.


Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, and to apply fixes - life and death got in the way for a while and I’ve not had the time or energy to sort it out. I did today though! I re-uninstalled Boris FX, and when checking my account on the Boris site, I noted the FX downloader had changed, and a new package added too (particle illusion stuff). I downloaded and installed those and it worked straight off the bat. Mission successful : all I had to do was ignore it for 6 months, lol.

Petra :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to update the post!

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