Original Software and Serial Number

For nostalgic reasons - my original serial number doesnt work anymore for 3.0 - recently tried it after many years - everything loaded/ran fine - however since i did buy it originally - any way to get old version registered and running to remove the big red x limitation - i still have All of the Original emitters ever made - actually all Original everything PI

Sounds like you should contact our support team – they might be able to unlock your license. Note that those legacy products are not supported though, they’re just too old.

The new PI is far more capable than the legacy versions, but I understand the desire to just keep using what works for you.

The new PI is able to load your old emitter libraries, but unless you’ve created libraries yourself I wouldn’t just copy everything over. One of the things we’ve done with the new PI is edit and organize the existing emitters. I personally went through every emitter, dropping those that were weak or dated, categorized the remaining ones, and added searchable tags to everything. The emitter search function is reason enough to use the new PI over any legacy version, plus having access to every library at the same time.

(Use the support links on the BorisFX website)

Thank You forthe good reply - and of course this New 2021 version is better - but to bring back an old friend like 3.0 would be cool just because - like an Atari vs xbox nostalgia

But like an Atari 2600 you’re not going to want to use it for more than 2 minutes. :slight_smile:

I have to load up pI3 once in a while for testing, and even I have a hard time using it.

hey there PCGamerGuitarist. I was just wondering, I don’t suppose you have a link to the original emitters that you mention? I seem to have lost all mine, and the new versions don’t work in 3.0 :frowning: