OSX QT issue

I was just trying out the pxc version of mokey 4.1.1 & can’t seem to be able to import QuickTime files. I’ve loaded the same QT files into mocha & motor with no problem…

Just to update, I got this email from Ijan:

Hi Nick

Thanks for logging this issue; unfortunately this is a known issue with PPC builds. We are looking to remedy the issue very soon which will address this problem.

Quicktime imports do work on the Intel Mac and on the Windows build. I will keep you up to date with this particular occurance. I do apologise for the inconvience this has caused. We will be releasing another update again very soon. Which will comprise of several and improvements in the software.


Ijaz Nasir

If you have access to the pxc forums I’ve started a thread here:


Seem’s this could be a local problem to me, I’ll keep digging…

—Quote (Originally by Jay)—
Nick for the benefit of all at Imagineer’s forum’s please continue this thread on our fourm, as PXC memebers can access our forums but not everyone can access PXC.
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Done Jay. Thanks for your support.