Other emitters?

I recall emitter collections being released monthly(?) for many months some years back. All they all in the current collection or is there some other repository or 3rd party libraries?

Hi, until you get a reply from the Boris team have a look at this page, :man_shrugging:

The bottom one 12.0.1 is 2019

The libraries from legacy pI3 were reorganized and are included in Particle Illusion. Note that many of the older, weaker emitters were dropped to make the updated collection stronger.

If you’ve used the additional emitter libraries installer (check the “Help” menu inside PI) then you’re good to go.

We don’t release monthly libs anymore – there is a new library released with each PI version.


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Thanks for the replies, Gid - much appreciated.
1I think Alan said all those, or at least the “good ones,” are in the Free library… So I suppose I have them. Will check a few though. Thanks for the link.
2. I’ll try your suggestion of placing a new copy on the timeline every so often. But I would need a few hundred copies, since my project is 7200 frames at 30 fps. Alan mentioned it might just be going to “0” after the first instance.
3. Nice work with your example - do people in the community share stuff? Not sure what the current “protocol” is…

Thanks again,

Note that 7200 frames in one instance in PI may (probably will) cause you issues when working far down the timeline.

Might be better to break it up into smaller pieces.

Thanks, Alan. I’ve already done a dozen or so with that many frames using a pretty high-end workstation that I customized for machine learning, my main application. But thanks for the warning :slight_smile:

Hi, can i ask which emitter you’re using?

Hi, Gid. Sorry for the delay. I don’t recall the exact emitter at this point - on to other things, but the main issue I am having is that the majority of the emitters- 2020.0/Anime Lighting, et al - just run much too quickly for my needs. I recall seeing a comment from Alan some years back that Boris was considering a dedicated “Speed” parameter to slow down the emission rate, but I don’t believe that was ever developed. (He recommend adjusting Life at that time, I recall). In any case, thanks for your help.

Gid - how about hand drawn swirl in small from 2020.0 - that one runs only once…

Hi, Sorry but I’m not that informed about how PI works, & I can’t explain the little I do know that I learnt by taking these preset emitters to bits,
I suggest you do the same, alter one parameter & see what it does, reset Ctrl+Z that action then alter another & so on,
Some of these can be made to look like they go slower by adjusting the Life like you say, adjusting Life makes the particles live longer therefore they stay on screen longer & the illusion takes longer to complete,
but Hand Drawn Swirl’s particles vary over life, the shape, rotation & zoom are keyframed also, you might be able to make this one slow down but you’d have to adjust pretty much every control. it’s made of many parts that make a whole with no Master control switch.
I would just render this project & use an editor to make it repeat,
I’ve been experimenting with setting the project at 120fps or/& rendering out at 120fps, that then can be slowed to 1/4 30fps without it looking too juddery but different emitters produce different results, Hand Drawn Swirl doesn’t like this, …

Hi, there’s no commentary so you’ll just have to watch, I moved the keyframes apart to make the event longer but the particles were dying too quickly, so I increased their lifespan, I reduced the amount of time it rotated, after that the particles could be resized etc to suit the look you want or to make it look more like original… ,

Anime Lighting has a lot less keyframed parameters so is much easier to slow down,