Ouput multi-part crashing Silhouette

Has anyone experienced the output Multi-part node crashing silhouette on local render? Using 2022.5.4, logs don’t show anything, the application just hard crashes. Regular output is working.

Also noticed issues where if it did render it didn’t do the full selected frame range…

I am using 2022.5.5 and there weren’t any Output Multi_Part changes since 2022.5.4 and it is working as expected for me. Not sure what may be going on.

So what we have noticed, has been a bit random. Some scene works others don’t. However using the multi-part output node we can get the crypto-mattes to render out if we only connect roto data > output data, and not the connect roto channels > output input1 at the same time. We can then kick out a seperate exr for the rgb images. However the goal is obviously to have the single exr with both. Yet when both are connect some scenes hard crash.

It would be helpful if you could share a project and media that exhibits the problem.

Hey Marco,

I found the datacase that caused Silhouette to crash. If the user attempted to render with cryptomatte data, if they have layers without shapes in them, or just invalid layers in general, silhouette simply hard crashes.

I was able to render without crashing using a project that contained some empty layers. If you can send a project that displays the issue, I will be happy to take a look. You can replace the sources with Color Bars or a Checkerboard. Thanks.