Output via Capture Card & Color Managed WF

So I’ve been waiting for Mocha Pro to become compatible with Resolve because of the tight CMS which seems to me to be more accurate and predictable than Avid CMS. When Mocha 2020 announced OCIO I thought this might be a solution since I only have the Avid plugin to work with until the Resolve compatibility issue is…er…resolved. I guess in order to make this a real solution, Mocha would need to be able to output directly to the Black Magic SDI capture card. I could have sworn I saw a notice that this was a new feature over the last year or so but can’t find any info on it in the manual or in the app settings. Is this just my imagination?

We just don’t fully support Resolve yet, unfortunately. We had intended it to be a new feature, but we are still working out the kinks.

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, but that’s why I was hoping that Mocha 2020 AVX would solve this problem because of the OCIO support.

I thought I saw aomewhere that Mocha can utilize external capture cards for video output to a client monitor. Is that my imagination?

Let me check with @martinb, because I am not sure and I’d hate to tell you the wrong thing.

Ok, thanks

Mocha Pro doesn’t directly have specific support for external broadcast to a monitor.

I think you may have been thinking of the Sapphire and Continuum plugins, which released broadcast monitor support in 2019.5: Boris FX | Sapphire 2019.5 Third Party Broadcast Monitor Support

Mocha OCIO support simply provides the custom configuration support necessary for keeping the color space consistent with the host environment when working in Mocha.

Ok, thanks Martin