Overcoming Ae's 30,000 pixel buffer

I am attempting to replace a portion of soccer field with a matte painted still frame. The original shot has a lot of movement (it’s an aerial drone shot), I painted the first frame, saved it as a still, and I am tracking that surface back in to the original. I tracked the soccer field, setup the surface tool, pushed the corners to the edge, pasted the corner pin in to Ae on a duped layer, and the track looks really good. Everything works great until I get an error “Corner Pin cannot allocate a buffer larger than 30000 pixels in either dimension”.

Obviously, this is an Ae limitation. The corner pin does go over 30,000 (or -30,000) for about 10 frames. Is there a way of overcoming this limitation? Is there another way to send the data, but achieve the same track? The track and surface look great. All of the footage is QHD (4k). I tried reducing the tracked footage layer to 1080, and then resizing in Ae, but I get the same error.

Thanks for any insight.


Hi there, you might have to get in touch with Adobe for this, as it’s an Adobe AE limitation. I bet they have some clever workarounds. https://helpx.adobe.com/nz/after-effects.html

Thanks, MaryP.

Everything I’ve see so far is to “make everything smaller”. I tried it, and I still get the error.

I’m wondering if I use the surface that’s NOT pushed to the edges, and then delete the position, scale, rotation keyframes? This would place the corner pin on the edges for the surface, and not the edges of the raster?

I don’t know, there seems like there should be a way to express the data without hitting the pixel buffer limit?

Also, when exporting the tracking data from MochaAE as corner pin (motion blur), I get this warning: “Errors occurred during the export. Some data may be missing or invalid.”

Well the issue is how much of the image AE has to move. But I am not going to be able to support their product like I can support ours. You can try making the surface smaller, or aligning it differently in mocha.

Or you can simply align it in mocha Pro and render the insert.

If you’re getting an error on export, your track is probably corrupt though. Turn the surface on and see if it stays on for the whole track, if not, it’s corrupt and you need to fix that section. Try aligning the surface there and scrubbing again to see if that fixes it, or retracking that section.

I am trying to send better data to Ae, knowing it has a limit.

I just took a look at the surface, and it does indeed get weird for a few frames when I push the surface to the edges. Before I do that, the track and surface is just fine. The problem is, if I don’t align the surface, the track does not work back in Ae as the layer I am pasting to gets skewed incorrectly.


I’ll try and retrack, but the initial track seems to be good, it’s only after I align the surface that it seems to foul.

Thats a surface going behind the camera issue. Can you try tracking translation only for the problem frames?

Tired it, and I still get the 30000 pixel buffer, although the surface isn’t “Corrupting” anymore.

Is there a way to send the corner pin data that is not aligned to the surface, and then somehow reverse that information back in Ae?

Render it in the insert module, that’s the only workaround I have for you for AE. Transforms won’t do it, and linking the data won’t do it either, that I know of.

Thanks. I only have MochaAE.

I’ll keep trying.

Download a trial for two weeks and give it a test drive. :wink:

Excellent idea. Will Pro open up my MochaAE project?


OK. I downloaded and installed Pro. I brought in the “clean plate” clip that I painted in Photoshop. Aligned the surfaces, and it tracks in beautifully. Now, I just need to create a mask on the clean plate to use only part of the image, not all of it. I can’t seem to get the clean plate to accept the mask that I drew on the BG clip.

Perhaps there’s a tutorial that explains how to add a masked foreground clip to a background? Thanks so much for your help. Mocha is an amazing product.

OK, I got the matte to insert, but how do I render a layer with just the matted clip and not the whole composited clip?

You should be able to just hit “render” and it will be in your results folder.

Thank you so much for your help.

I’m told we get 1 plug in from the pack that is all


I had a rogue point that was far outside of the rest of the mask shape, and not immediately visible while looking at the shape. With the help of Mocha support, they alerted me to the point. I revealed the point by scaling the canvas down. I deleted it with the Uber mode selected, made any adjustments to the track, and all was well.

Hope this helps you too!