Overlapping shapes during remove

Hey guys, first post, love Mocha. I’m doing a remove which is fairly simple except for this one thing I’m unfamiliar with.

I have a guy walking towards camera with a fairly simple background who at one point steps on a branch that sends leaves flying up in the air, three to be exact. I have succesfully removed them and the resulting image is great except that I had to finagle this one part of it and was hoping there would be an easier way the next time I come across it.

Imagine these leaves all spring up from the same point at the base of the frame but at the peak of their trajectory upwards end up splitting up. I’ve got all three of them masked/rotod/tracked… great. My problem is that at the bottom they overlap for a handful of frames like a Venn diagram would and in this overlap portion of each circle the remove doesn’t happen. Once the frames move forward and the overlap is no longer there, perfect remove. It’s as if one is occluding the other from being removed (or they’re both occluding each other whenever there’s an overlap). How do I solve this? I want everything in both those circles removed even where they overlap.

That was a mouthful. Thanks in advance.

If they’re on the same layer, that is expected behavior. Shapes on the same layer add where they don’t overlap and subtract where they do.

In the future, roto them on separate layers and then you can render them as a matte and load that onto one layer for a remove. We are working on a solution where we can group several layers into one group for removal, but we don’t have that feature worked out yet.