Overlay To Show Variable Distance Between Objects


Please reference your training webinar (Boris FX | Training Webinar: Mocha AE CC for Beginners)


I would like to track the distance between objects and show how it changes over time. For example, the right edge of the race car to the wall and the left edge of the car to the edge of the track. Or the distance between two cars. Perhaps with an overlay showing a numeric value (in ft for example) dynamically changing as well as some border that also changes as distance changes? Something similar would be collision avoidance systems but with a graphic overlay that shows dynamically what is happening in real time.

If someone could provide a few clues as to how to accomplish this with Mocha coupled with After Effects and/or perhaps any other recommended plugin(s) (CoreMelt?), I would be extremely grateful.


Does it need to be accurate information? Because the world space in mocha’s 3D solver is not to scale. If it doesn’t need to be to scale, there’s probably an algorithm that you would write to calculate a combination of x,y, and z depth, or just overlay the z depth values or xy values, over the object as it moves.

But if you need the data to be correct and accurate, you might want to actually use a camera tracker. Our camera solver is meant to be a fast way to get 3D objects into a scene locked to our planar data, not for calculating world scale.


Hello Mary,

Thanks for the quick response. First, I am very new to Mocha. Second, to answer your question, no it doesn’t have to be to scale. I have been scanning through your videos and the 2014 mocha Customer Show Reel shows a really good example of what I’d like to accomplish. At the 2:34 mark, where the batter is in the process of swinging the bat, the lines (length and position) that start from his right shoe to his knee to his hip, etc changes. In general, how could I accomplish the same representation? Since I am new, I apologize for not know the magnitude of what my question addresses.