Overwriting Tracking data warning

Can we get a warning for overwriting tracking data after you started working on another level. It is just too easy to forget to uncheck that gear.

Hi Neal,

That seems very reasonable. Are you working in plugin or standalone?

I am working with the plugin for the Adobe products. I just updated the mocha pro to the latest version and I have auto-update turned on for Adobe. So I should be at the latest release for everything.

Thinking about this a little. I know that there are times when you want to have multiple layers tracked. However, have you done a poll to determine tracking use. Should the default behavior be to turn off the prior layer when starting to work on a new layer. Just putting that out there as food for thought.

Well, for me, locks are made for that…

I agree. This could possibly be a preference, but keep in mind the power of Mocha is to track many layers at once, and be able to stop…adjust shape or parameters… keep tracking etc.

We recently did a user poll and while this is not a common feature request, we really want to encourage users to always post their feature requests and pain points so we can make the application better. :wink:

As Ross mentioned, we have a feature request written up for this so it may appear in future if there is enough demand for it.
The main thing we’d need to work out is how best to implement it so it’s not annoying for those that DO want to retrack layers.