Paint blending?


I would like to ask some tips if you could provide some.

I have makeup seam painting job. It is very long about 1500 frames shot where talent mostly looking towards camera, but time to time looking left and right.

My question is, how should I deal with transition? I have tracked left face facing and right face facing part separately and looking forward part. It is straightforward to paint left and right facing parts with perspective tracking option, but when face is turning to forward, perspective is gone and have to switch to another tracker with only position, rotation and scale.

If this would be traditional comp app scenario I would overlap small period of the tracking part and then simply blend them together using opacity, but since Silhouette paint doesn’t have such a possibility, how would you suggest I deal with transitions?

Thank you so much for your tips.


@JuhaTakabe In the Silhouette Standalone, you can have multiple paint nodes which you can do a seamless blend between with a Mix node using opacity.

Since you don’t have the Silhouette standalone, I suggest using multiple Silhouette Paint nodes in your host application and do the blend between them where appropriate.

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Thank you for quick response marco!

I am using Silhouette Paint plugin with Nuke. After painting, is it like a read node so basically reading auto painted sequence or would it be better to render out exr sequence for example to speedup comp work?

Are those auto painted frames somehow included into paint file? All I can see is one big work file and not image sequence.


@JuhaTakabe Since Silhouette is a raster paint system, the painted areas are saved within the Silhouette project as they are painted. When you return to Nuke, Silhouette Paint just displays the painted frames. In other words, no rendering is occurring. I don’t think you would not really gain any speed by pre-rendering the output of the plug-in.


OK, understood. Thanks!