Paint Clone strokes not rendering?

After painting out dust for a full movie reel, I went back to render the results and found that many of the paint operations are not appearing as paint in the viewer but do show up in the paint history box. So far, I’ve been able to rebuild the frames successfully. Just curious as to why this happens.

@bnaleid That’s very odd. The only reasons I can think of this happening is that either your hard disk errored out when the painted frames were being written to disk or there was a manual deletion of the painted frames from the project folder.

Ok. Thanks Marco.

Keep an eye out for a set of steps that may cause the issue.

I’ll do my best but this was painted weeks ago and it looked fine when I did the work. I’m just now getting around to broader VFX work so can’t remember that far back. But I know that I haven’t done any manual deleting.

Here’s a couple screen shots that shows the dust mark on the far right and shows how it’s not been rendered. I’ll upload another shot that shows the paint strokes are there.

Screenshot with paint strokes highlighted.

Not sure if this is the issue, but I remember when I took a look at your machine that one of your projects was switched midstream from the plug-in to the Standalone and the aspect ratio was changed in the process causing the strokes to be offset from where the actual painted areas were located. At the time, Rebuild fixed the issue.

Yes, that’s true. I’ve been going back to ID the segments with the altered aspect ratio and rendering at that a.r., then I change back to nominal a.r. For the export.

Thus example, however is a different situation. The third screenshot will show that the paint strokes line up with the blemish. So it s add pleats that there’s a disconnect somewhere inside silhouette. But yes, the rebuild worked.