Paint color will not change

I just purchased a new pen display tablet. Now when I try and paint I get to pick a color then it will not change to another color. It says I’ve chosen another color but it will not display. I can not figure out what the problem could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I attached a link to a video to show what is happeneing.


@nicholasjcosentino_f Can you send me a download link to a portion of your clip so I can test it on my system? Thanks!

I received your clip and am unable to reproduce the issue with two different Wacom tablets using Silhouette 2022.5.5.

What version of Silhouette are you running?

What OS/version are you running?

What tablet/model?

Are you using the Silhouette standalone or plug-in?

Hey Marco,

So I am on a 2021 MacBook Pro with an M1Max chip. I’m running the most recent Apple OS, and the most recent update to Silhouette. I have only been working on the stand alone application. I will try the plug-in version here tonight or tomorrow. I’m using a Huron Pro 16 pen display.

Everything works fine until I attempt to sample a color with the right mouse click. Once I do that the paint strokes won’t update the color. Is there an alternative way to sample colors apart from the right click?

I will continue to mess around and hope to figure it out.

Thanks for all your help. I appreciate it.

We have only qualified Wacom tablets to work with Silhouette.

To pick the color using an alternative method, you can hover over an area in the Viewer and press the period key. The area inside the brush diameter is sampled and averaged when choosing the color.

So the period keypress worked!! Everything functioned as it should. So strange how the right mouse click is getting messed up somewhere in translation. I can remap a button on my pen to be the period. Should be a decent workaround. I appreciate all the help with this Marco! It has been driving me crazy!

If I could submit a feature request, I would love for expanded support for more pen display tablets. Wacom is great, but their prices can be outrageous.

Glad you got it working. You may want to report the issue to Huion as they may be doing something wrong which can be fixed in their drivers.

Wonderful, will do!