Paint Drift and Artifacts In Silhouette

Hello i was wondering if i could get some help. I seem to have an issue in Silhouette when i tried to follow the tattoo removal video that was posted on you tube but for some reason i get weird artifacting on some frames and towards the end of the video i see the paint layers drift. im not sure if it has to do with the tracking or a setting that needs changed. thanks in advance for any help.

Hi there, it looks like you are sampling from areas that are moving differently than the forearm. That is an artifact of the paint stroke not being sampled from a similar location, it looks like. Try using colored brushstrokes if you don’t have enough good skin area to sample from.

try painting for a frame and use that as the source of paint for the rest of the frames using a good track

Thanks Mary for the help that looks like it definitely worked and seemed to be the issue. I’m fairly new to how Silhouette works and once again very grateful to have a professionals opinion and support on the problem.

Thanks also for the help man that’s currently the method im working with and it seems to be going great! :+1: