Paint Hotkeys Modifiers in Silhouette


I am doing a ton of frame by frame paint in Silhouette right now. Is there a way to remap hotkeys in Silhouette? I would specifically like to match hotkeys for offset and resize of brush to match Nuke hotkeys. I work between the two software often and would appreciate any suggestions that others may use.

Clone Tool
Offset = Ctrl
Resize Brush = Shift

Clone Tool
Offset = Shift
Resize Brush = Ctrl

Also it would be swell if I could call up the drag, blur and clone tools with the same hotkeys as Nuke too.

Yes, you can do both of these things.
You need to manually edit your file which is in Silhouette’s resources/scripts folder.

To swap the brush editing keys, look for these two lines:

fx.paint.brushEditModifier = fx.ControlModifier
fx.paint.cloneOffsetModifier = fx.ShiftModifier

And change them to:

fx.paint.brushEditModifier = fx.ShiftModifier
fx.paint.cloneOffsetModifier = fx.ControlModifier

To select the various brushes with different keys, look for this section:

# paint tools
fx.viewer.setToolBind("BW", "b")
fx.viewer.setToolBind("Blemish", "Shift+b")
fx.viewer.setToolBind("Blur", "Ctrl+b")
fx.viewer.setToolBind("Clone", "c")
fx.viewer.setToolBind("Cutout", "Shift+Alt+c")
fx.viewer.setToolBind("Color", "Shift+c")
fx.viewer.setToolBind("ColorCorrect", "Alt+c")
fx.viewer.setToolBind("Detail", "Alt+d")
fx.viewer.setToolBind("Dodge", "Shift+Alt+d")
fx.viewer.setToolBind("Drag", "Shift+d")
fx.viewer.setToolBind("Burn", "Shift+Alt+b")
fx.viewer.setToolBind("Eraser", "Shift+e")
fx.viewer.setToolBind("Grain", "g")
fx.viewer.setToolBind("Mosaic", "m")
fx.viewer.setToolBind("Repair", "r")
fx.viewer.setToolBind("Scatter", "Shift+s")
fx.viewer.setToolBind("Stroke", "s")

And change those keys to what you want. Watch out for collisions with other binds - you may need to go re-bind an existing operation with that key to something else.

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Thank you!

Is it possible to get this keybind script on a remote location and not directly in a non writable folder on a local machine? I want each of my users to be able to modify their keybind if they want. I was looking for an SFX_SCRIPTH_PATH that could override local scripts.