Paint Node problem after modifying Input Source

I had done a bunch of Paint node work using a background going to Input 1 for cloning, but once I finished I, realized adding a gradient to my background source was needed to help blend it into the composite.

It seems that the Paint node work only captures how the Input 1/Source looked at the moment it was cloned (before adding a gradient to the node chain), so now all the Paint clones no longer match with the background (even though the gradient comes before the Paint node).

Would I have to redo all my paint work with the gradient existing before doing any cloning or is there another way to get the paint node to update to the current state of the Input 1 source? Thanks for any help!!!

You would have to do a Rebuild to redo your previous painted strokes if you have modified your input.

Ah ok awesome, just tried it on one frame and now it all matches with the gradient background, thank you!!!

One other question. I actually went frame by frame to do the paint work because the touch ups were too complex to try to auto paint, so every frame has it’s on unique set of paints. Would I need to go frame by frame, select all and then hit rebuild? Thanks again!!

Rebuild uses whatever choice the Auto Paint frame pop-up menu is set to.

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Oh ok, so if I want to rebuild the “Work” range, I can just set the drop down to “Work” and hit ‘Rebuild’, I don’t actually need to do a ‘select all’ on all the items in the Paint History on each frame, Silhouette will “know” to rebuild all history in each frame, is this correct? I hope I’m describing this clearly. Please let me know.
Thank you!

Yes, correct. Set the Time Bar to the frames you want to rebuild, change the frame range to Work and then Rebuild. Only the Work Range will be rebuilt.

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Great thank you!!’