Paint plugin to Standalone

Will it be possible in future releases for a paint seasons started in the plugin to be opened and finished in the standalone version of Silhouette, or is this just not possible?

It is possible, but not being able to load plug-in projects in the standalone is intentional. This was done to allow a low price point on the plug-in.

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I thought that might be the case, Thanks.

With the release of FX Suite is it possible to have this limitation lifted for a host with both Silhouette and the plugin installed or a FX Suite lic. I have had some cases already where this would have been helpful. A task initially would have been just a paint plugin task might change to expanded to a full Silhouette job, and getting that work already done in the paint plugin into Silhouette would be super helpful.
Thanks for your time in considering this and if there is a possibility would be very welcomed.

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The release of the Boris FX Suite really doesn’t have a bearing on this. The decision was made to offer an inexpensive paint plug-in, but that decision brings limitations.

We will consider project compatibility between the plug-in and the standalone in the next major feature release, but there will need to be associated pricing changes on the plug-in side. We’ll see what we can do.

@marco I wonder if there’s an easy way for you to detect that a customer has both licenses and allow interoperability for that customer? I’m sure there’s a licensing case or cases that would make this problematic but thought I’d throw that out there.

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