Paint using clone from first frame to remove object, contrast/brightness difference

Hi, in this clip my hand moves in front of the phone camera, the camera auto adjusts brightness/contrast because of the brightness of my hand as it moves in front & so changes the background i’m trying to clone from, (the camera also auto focuses changing the focal length, I’ll deal with that separately)

I’ve added Brightness & Contrast to help make it fit better (I’ve got a hard edge where i cloned, I’ll work on that with Softness… :wink:) but is there a way of ‘fixing’ the brightness/contrast in the first place, & i thought there was a setting to help adjust the clone to the new frame’s surroundings, ?
My phone does have a Pro mode, so maybe that can be set at a certain brightness/contrast that doesn’t auto change as my hand moves in front. I’ll look into that.
Thanks, any tips would be helpful :+1:

That’s ok thanks, i worked it adjusting the Grade/Filter

You might also find brushing the blemish brush along the edge on the color only option instead of color and detail might fix some edges if there’s blending problems after your grade.

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Thankyou, slowly learning :older_man::woozy_face::grin::+1: