Painted roto

Greetings -

I have done my paint within Silhouette to remove tracking marks on a device screen. I have also done my roto on a foreground subject and would like to output the painted roto shapes back into AE for final composite. Currently, when I am back in AE, the roto shape does not have the paint applied and I can see the track marks within the roto shape.

Here is my current node tree:

What am I overlooking?


@evancschafer Welcome Evan.
The Render pop-up menu needs to be set appropriately in your host application. Output: Cutout should do what you want.

Here’s a description of what each of the Render modes do:

Output: Composite
Renders the output node with an opaque alpha channel.

Output: Cutout
Renders the output node with it’s alpha channel.

Renders the paint node.

Renders the roto node.

Thank you, Marco. I was rendering the Roto node. Working as expected now.