Painting + cloning overbright pixels strange behaviour

I have been trying to paint over pixels from a 16 float .exr that has values in excess 1 some values 3.
When I try to paint over with 100% color or clone at 100% with values from another part of the image I get results as if there is a multiplication of the source pixel value with the new value. The result is not as I would expect.
Can someone shed some light on what might be the cause or if this is a bug and a potential work around.
Big Thanks.

Can you provide a single frame project that displays the issue?

Sure I’ll upload and send you a link.

Maybe try clamping the overbrights with the Clamp node, then paint? I always find it hard to paint super whites in any situation, but I am not quite sure what you are seeing.

@Katie, Thanks for that, I try that and I have now come to see that the pixel that is the issue is a NAN pixel.
Is there a node or a way to send those back to the real pixel world in Silhouette or is that need to be done else where?

You can clamp infs and nans with the Clamp node after the source, and then a paint node. I think if you render out at the end that your values will be clamped to what you specify in the Clamp node, resulting in no infs or nans.


Perfect thanks Katie, I gave it a whirl and looks to have fixed those pesky pixels.

@TimH Right on, you’re welcome!