Painting from input that's a different frame range from session

Hello! I would like to be able to pull from a clip that begins on x1400, but my session and original clip begins on x1001. When I load in the sequence that starts at 1400, it shows that it’s a sequence of frames but only will load one frame. I tried time shifting and it’s still a single frame. I’m looking to pull frame 1400 through onto x1400 of my original clip. Thank you for any and all guidance!

Welcome @kcbaird78
Silhouette obeys these rules when importing:

  • Select the first frame in a clip > Imports the entire clip
  • Select a range of frames > Imports the selected range of frames
  • Select any single frame other than the first frame > Imports only that frame

In your case when importing, select frame 1400 and Shift-click the desired end frame to select a range. The entire selected range of frames will then be imported.

Does this help?