Pan & Zoom X&Y Position limits

I love BCC Pan & Zoom (Avid) but it has one serious, severe limitation - when zoomed in tight on a part of a photo it is often impossible to move anywhere near the edge of the image because the X & Y Point sliders both hit their end stops and I can’t slide the image any further. My only recourse is to go in as tight as I can and then put a 3D Warp effect on top of the BCC plug in to do the rest of the work. Hardly optimal.

Is there some other solution here I am missing?


Thanks for the bon mots on the filter - most appreciated.

One way to push past the end stop issue with the slider is to use the on-screen interactive controls to set the position of the center.

I’ll take your feedback and make it an action item and ask engineering to extend the slider limits so that you can use the sliders to control the position.


Thanks, moving the center sounds like a good workaround for some cases (unless the image starts from full frame home position). I would not have thought of that. But if they can eventually adjust the range of the X and Y sliders, that would be terrific.

I’ve added a feature request to the database to cover this - in the request I asked for a limit of 9999 instead of the current 999 value. That out to do it, right? If not then let me know what you think it should be. Should be available in the next major release sometime this Fall.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Thanks - it doesn’t really matter what the number is, so long as at the 999 or 9999 position the image is completely off the page. For instance if they set 999 to be much farther off the edge than it is now, that will do the trick.

Thanks for letting them know - I wish I had brought this up earlier, this has been bugging me for years!