Panasonic V-Log in S_OCIOTransform?


I’m looking to transform from Linear to Pansonic V-Log for comping purposes, but the only possible option I see is “Panalog” listed in the To/From drop downs. Does Panalog = V-Log or would 'V-Log" need to be a feature request? Thanks!

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VLOG is not Panalog, they are different transforms. VLOG is part of ACES, so I think you would just need to update the OCIO config file and then add the appropriate luts to the Ocio luts folder.
Try this, we did a test for you…OCIO - Google Drive

Replace the OCIO.config file in the OCIO folder in the GenArts installation directory with this one and then add the VLOG lut to the luts folder.

Hope this helps,

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Awesome Brian!! Thanks for the info and for digging into this, much appreciated!! I downloaded the files and will circle back in a few days. Thanks again!

Hi Brian,

I just opened S_OCIOTransform with the new files, and I was kinda expecting that I was going to just see one new option for V-Log added, and would then just set my values as From: ‘linear’ and To: ‘v-log’, but I see that there’s 3 new options for V-Log at the very bottom, so I’m not exactly sure how to proceed. Please let me know. Thanks again!!!

Hi Brian,

Also, just wondering. Is there any special way I need to export my “transformed-v-log” background tiff sequence for compositing in Silhouette standalone v2020.5.7, with my v-log foreground talent tiff sequence? Thanks again!

Hi again Brian, just an update: I tried setting

  1. From: ‘linear’
  2. To: ‘Input - Panasonic - Curve - V-Log’
  3. Exported the clip as a Tiff sequence
  4. Imported it into Silhouette v2020.5.7
  5. Set my LUT to 'VLOG to V709
    Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 5.48.02 PM
    But then I noticed that the “converted-to-V-Log” background TIFF sequence still looks kinda washed out/too bright.
    I was able to get the TIFF sequence to “look” pretty close to the original ‘linear’ version by adding a ‘High Contrast’ node followed by a ‘Shadows/Highlights’ node and tweaking the settings,
    Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 5.53.41 PM
    but it seams like something is not jiving in Silhouette with the “converted-to-V-Log” background clip.

As a test I also imported the “converted-to-V-Log” background TIFF sequence into After Effects and added a copy of the S_OCIOTransform plugin I had used for converting to V-Log, but hit the check box to “reverse To/From” and the TIFF sequence perfectly matched the color of the untouched original ‘liinear’ clip.

Please let me know your thoughts on how to get an exact color match for using the “converted-to-V-Log” background TIFF sequence in Silhouette. If you need me to provide any other info or clarification, just let me know. Thank you!!!

Super late to the party but did you ever figure this out? Because the direction you were guided in was incorrect. V-Log is not part of ACES and neither should you use it’s code in combination with the other configuration! The default config only concerns gamma curves but ACES combines both the gamma curve and color primaries. It is also designed to convert to a working colorspace which the other doesn’t. Therefore the data totally doesn’t work if you use it outside of ACES.

It is possible to take only the gamma curve code and put that in the other config but it requires some manual setup not a full copy of the colorspace.

Let me know if you’d still like some help with that.