Panasonic V-Log in S_OCIOTransform?


I’m looking to transform from Linear to Pansonic V-Log for comping purposes, but the only possible option I see is “Panalog” listed in the To/From drop downs. Does Panalog = V-Log or would 'V-Log" need to be a feature request? Thanks!

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VLOG is not Panalog, they are different transforms. VLOG is part of ACES, so I think you would just need to update the OCIO config file and then add the appropriate luts to the Ocio luts folder.
Try this, we did a test for you…OCIO - Google Drive

Replace the OCIO.config file in the OCIO folder in the GenArts installation directory with this one and then add the VLOG lut to the luts folder.

Hope this helps,

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Awesome Brian!! Thanks for the info and for digging into this, much appreciated!! I downloaded the files and will circle back in a few days. Thanks again!