When starting a new project the PAR(Pixel aspect ratio) does not apply no matter if it is custom or preset. This is a new BUG in Mocha Pro 2019.

Work around:
After the project has been started, go to the clip tab and manually change it there. save and re-cache.

Thank you for letting us know, we will see if we can repeat it.

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This is in standalone?

Are you setting the PAR manually on the new project or going with what Mocha detects?

This is on the standalone and i am setting it manually on the new project popup box. Mocha was not actually interpreting the meta data correctly and was leaving the plate squeezed vs unsqueezed. However none of the settings seemed to work from the drop down menu, i tried testing a few to see if it was just the custom setting. ill try to get you the metadata so you can troubleshoot better for the auto detection of the PAR.

Sorry i never followed up on this, but i will say this is still an issue in the stand alone.

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Mocha Pro 2019.5
Version 6.1.0 build 377.g5ec88c79ddf
Build Date Jun 4 2019