Parallax scroll Effect inside BCC 11 and Avid

Hey guys, can someone please guide me, how to master a parallax scroll and parallax zoom in and out effect inside BCC and Avid.
I’m aware it’s mostly done inside Premiere or After FX, but I’m wondering how to built that without using Adobe.
very much appreciate your help. Thank you

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Hi! We’d be happy to assist with that - can you please provide us with a visual example of the result you’re trying to achieve? Perhaps a youtube link or something along those lines?

Hi, Peter. Thank you for providing your help.
As following you’ll find some visual examples.
I’ve found a lot of Tutorials how this effects are made, but always done inside Final cut, Premiere or After effects.

I really hope there is a chance I can achieve this visuals inside BCC… to be honest I hate working with After effects, hope you can help me and make my day :))

Motion Zoom

Paralax scroll effect

Zoom in

Kind regards

Hi Anouchka.

You can generate the result in the examples that you have provided using plug-ins from our products. For he zoom transition, I’d suggest the BCC Cross Zoom filter from the Continuum set or the S_Swish3D from the Sapphire set. For the pan transition, I’d suggest the Swish Pan from the Continuum set or the S_SwishPan from the Sapphire set. Both of these sets will work just fine in Avid. And if you prefer a custom UI product, you could try using Boris RED, which also runs as a plug-in inside of Avid.

I hope this helps,