Parameter Settings Greyed Out

Particle Illusion 2023 16…0.0.293. iMac 27" 20,2 macOS 12.6.1 Monterey

Why, when a particle is selected in the node window, are certain parameter settings greyed out, giving the impression they are inactive? I discovered these greyed out parameters are in fact adjustable. Seems to be a bug?

On another issue, please update the training videos asap, it is very challenging to follow when the tutorial GUI doesn’t match the latest version GUI! The particle and emitter settings, even in some of the more recent tutorials, don’t appear to correspond with the PI 2023 GUI.

Okay, I’ve just caught up with the excellent John Dickinson’s introduction to the new features in PI 2023 and now understand the reason behind the greyed out parameter settings. It defies well established UI convention but I suppose it will become familiar over time.

Still looking forward to some new tutorials though, with parameter settings that match PI 2023 and can be easily followed!


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