Particle Disolve

I have asked everyone and no one can seem to help. I thought my question would be something people have done before.
I am using SONY VEGAS Pro 20
I want to first if possible sharpen pixels in a project like the particles in Particle Illusion.??
Also want to do a super basic word introduction and dissolve the text after a few seconds and just have it leave the screen…
I am a super armature and just do this for fun but really ant to do this??
Cannot find a simple video to do this??


Here’s a tutorial in Vegas showing how to create a shatter off a title :

For sharpening, just use the BCC Magic Sharp or BCC Unsharp Mask filter.


Thank you so much. I just tried it and at the begging when he drags it to a new video clip mine opens up a Partial illusion window it wont go to the time line???

I also tried this in his version Vegas 13, and 20. I can’t seem to drag the clip or maybe I’m not in the correct spot??

Did you get my emails??

Still have not heard back maybe your on Vacation. Can you give me an email for Vin who made the video you sent me so I can ask him???

Do you want a text effect similar to the following? It was done all in VP using PI for the before and after fx with the text.

Something like that I don’t even need it to move like that I just need to dissolve or maybe explode out of there or something but yes just like that???

Here’s a sample VP 20 project which will give you an easy starting point.

All I did was:
create a text event
Apply the PI effect
Choose “Logo Burst” from within the PI interface
On the FX panel set the composite style to “Alpha + apply mode”

At this point you can play around with the internal PI settings to get the timing and motion you want. (16.3 KB)

Sorry to sound so amateur. I saw what you did also and dragged it into my timeline and yours worked. I made a text event. Do you mean the PI event as logo burst?? I can’t find logo burst. Is it called something else??

No worries, everyone starts at the beginning.

In the fx panel of VP, click on Launch PI 2023

Then in the search box type “logo” and the Logo Burst effect will show up in the list and you can add it to your PI project at that point.

OMG So close. Just about there. I see the particles disappear but the logo is only on there for a second? I tried to find how to extend its time but couldn’t. How do I extend the logo time to be on the screen?
Also I assume that the particles are the logo disappearing not just particles but its not on the screen long enough to see?
Cant thank you enough will wait to hear from you.
Thanks Bob

Hi Bob,

Well one way to extend the time that the logo remains on-screen before it shatters would be to move the start point of the emitter to a time beyond the first frame. To do that, select the emitter in the node view, then you’ll see the corresponding track/layer in the timeline. Click and drag the white header arrow to move the start frame of the particle effect away from the start frame of the source.


Another way is to duplicate the text event, delete the PI effect or disable it and overlap the two events so that the static text fades into the text with the PI event.

You’ll definitely want to spend some time experimenting with the settings in PI as well as adding forces and keyframes to get the exact look you want.

I got the text to stay there but when the particles dissolve they don’t dissolve the text???
What in the world am I not doing??

Not sure if you saw my message I did get the text to stay.
Also the particles are dissolving but they’re not dissolving the text how do I apply them to the text???

In the FX window, did you choose the composite mode shown above?

Yes Alpha and Applied Mode?
Maybe I applied it in the wrong order maybe I’m doing something in the wrong order and it’s causing it not to work??
So close!!

I I know slightly out of the ordinary but would you be willing to make a phone call to me?
Probably would take 2 seconds but if not just let me know what you think of my last response.

Sorry, my phone support days are over :slight_smile:

See if this helps… 2022 12 13 12 28 02 - YouTube