Particle Illusion 2021 ignores Mocha Tracking

I want to use a Particle Illusion Effect with tracking from Mocha in Vegas Pro 18.
Mocha works well. I get a very accurate track that I can even display in Vegas Pro. Now I start Particle Illusion and I want to attach an emitter to this track. No matter where and how I place the emitter, Particle Illusion completely ignores Mocha. This means, that the emitter does not follow the movement / tracking in the film.
I’ve worked through all of the tutorials on this topic. I see it work fine in the tutorials. Although I do it step by step, it doesn’t work for me. Exactly at the point where I want to see the emitter run along the tracking in Particle Illusion. Can someone please give me a tip how I can solve the problem? Does anyone know the problem. 1000 x thanks

I don’t have the time at the moment to try this in VP18 but does this help? Made in 17

Hi Karstenoe,

We are not aware of any issue while tracking PI emitters with Mocha in Vegas 18. Would it be possible for you to share a simplified project with us so that we can review it internally?


Thank you michaelh. I know this video. Except for the last step, everything works exactly as explained in the tutorial. In Particle Illusion, my emitter remains where it was set, despite tracking. Maybe PeterMcAuley can help me … Thank you very much

Thank you Peter for your interest in my problem. I’m not sure how to share a project. Should I make a short screenshot movie of my problem and upload it here? I would be very happy if you could help me.

A screenshot movie would be great and would help us in understanding why Mocha is not driving the emitter position on your system. We checked Vegas 18 on our systems and it’s working as expected.

If you’re able to also send the footage you’re using and the .veg project file, I can open it on our end and see what might be going on. otherwise, a screen grab or movie would be perfect.

I hope my mistake isn’t too stupid. I do not know how many hours I have tested with all possible settings. The crazy thing is, it worked before. I uploaded the screenshot. Maybe you can see right away what I did wrong. If not, I’ll upload the project data and the film. I am very curious if you have an idea. Thank-you
You can download from my FritzBox

My Hardware: Prozessor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core 3,79 GHz
RAM: 32 GB
Samsung M.2 2TB
Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080

I also deinstalled vegas, boris fx and all other Plugins. (321.9 KB) (9.8 MB)

My Project veg file and the tootage

Thanks! We’ll take a look at it this morning.


Hi, Karstennoe,

Can you please specify the version of Continuum you are using? If you’re on Continuum 2021 can you be sure you’ve updated to at least v14.0.1.


Hi Jclement,
my version is

Hmmm, but this is only the version number shown in particle illusion.
Mocha tells me version 8.0.1 build 100

If you need more informations, please ask me. It would already help me, if I knew if tracking my project works on your computer.
I’m happy with the slightest hint of what else I could do.
Cheers Karsten


So I took a look at your project and, on my end, I’m seeing that Particle Illusion is correctly applying tracking data in the UI, and rendering the effect in the vegas UI as expected. I was thrown a bit because you have two emitters and one looks like it might be incorrect, however this appears to be related to the zoom you do towards the grill, as scrubbing the timeline show the emitter points to be animating as expected. Additionally, adding a new emitter to the stage tracks as I would expect, and it looks as if things are working correctly, at least with my setup.

I’m currently working with Vegas 18 build 373, and Continuum 2021, 14.0.3.

Hello Vincent,
Thank you for reviewing my project. I am of your opinion. The tracking works. I can also see the tracking tracks in Vegas Pro. Can you see in the movie what I’m doing wrong? The emitter does not follow Mocha’s tracking. It stays where I put it. In my screenshot movie you can see in the last scene that it doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

In the 3rd minute of the screen video, my problem begins