Particle Illusion 3.0: I'm seeking the old emitter libraries

Hi there,

Does anyone have any links to the old Particle Illusion emitter libraries by any chance? (version 3.0)

Unfortunately all of mine got lost when my PC crashed yesterday, and even more unfortunately the new emitters don’t work in the old client.

Many thanks in advance.

I’m sure I have them somewhere, but a question first: why not use the new version of PI? Are there features in the legacy pI3 that you miss in the new version? There’s no wrong answer – I’m just curious why you still want to use the old pI3. (Personally I find it to be very difficult to use compared to the new PI, although I admit there are features that the new PI just doesn’t have.)


hey there! thanks for the reply

I’m a legacy user for starters and am not privvy to the full Boris FX version.

I can use the free BorisFx version, but am restricted insofar that I can’t have full control of the emitters, but more importantly can not export to png files with transparent backgrounds like I can with version 3.0 which I paid for in full waaaay back.

I’m used to using the standalone version 3.0 which worked perfectly for me right up until a few days ago when my pc crashed and had to reinstall everything.

The new borisfx version does look great, but the free version can’t export to transparent pngs. I don’t use adobe or other software, so the standalone is what I am used to.

the original standalone 3.0 version which I paid for in full is no longer supported, although is still available for free from BorisFX. But, the emitters are not included. Unfortunately the new BorisFX emitters are not compatible with 3.0.

so, I’m kind of hoping that the original free emitters are out there somewhere, or, as a last resort, I’m really hoping that some kind soul has the original client with the original emitters and would kindly hopefully upload them somewhere so that I can save all of my previous projects and current projects which I still use 3.0 for.

edit: my most current project is active right now using 3.0. I managed to get most of it completed before my pc crashed. so now I’m in limbo! arrrgghh. If you do have the old emitters and if there’s any chance you could somehow zip up and upload the old emitters for me, you would be an absolute life saver!

Since PI outputs ProRes 4444 with alpha, you could save that, then use a tool to convert the ProRes file to PNG sequence with alpha. I believe the free tool ffmpeg can do this, although I haven’t tried it yet (and it’s not the simplest tool to get working).

Update: I’ve installed ffmpeg and used it to convert a PI-generated ProRes video with alpha into a PNG sequence with alpha.

I did it on Mac, and have to try it on Windows now.

The free PI has just been updated to version 2021.5, and it’s pretty great (but I’m biased). :slight_smile:

thanks! but what tool? I did find something, but it’s old and antiquated and you have to pay for it. whereas my paid for 3.0 particle illusion could simply output transparent pngs with no extra tools.

also, the old 3.0 version I could add a reference background to the canvas/stage as a reference so I knew what my particle effect would look like against it.

I have tried outputting a test particle effect in the new BorisFX free particle illusion standlaone client and then converting that to a sequence of transparent pngs, but it was so convuluted and time consuming it wasn’t really comparable to simply using 3.0 and rendering it out as pngs.

nightmares! I really wish I’d saved the free emitters from Wondertouch to an external hard drive then I wouldn’t have to beg and hope and pray to the forum lords :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also, there is more control over the elements of an emitter in 3.0 compared to the BorisFX emitters. for example, the Splash emitter has at least 4 separate elements to it which are uneditable in the free BorisFX client, whereas in the 3.0 version I can control all of the particle effects. this is very important!

what’s the link to this ffmpeg you refer to? Also, I’ve edited my previous post explaining other restrictions which the current version of PI has compared to the old version. I don’t suppose you have the old emitters for 3.0?

also I’m unable to edit the separate elements which make up an emitter in the BorisFX free version. Whereas in the old version I can easily edit them as in this screenshot here bits — ImgBB

whereas here’s the same emitter in the free boris version showing that you can’t edit those elements bits — ImgBB

You can edit them – you first have to select the particle node in the new node view. Look at the “Node View Workflow” section in this video training series:

It’s a much better way of working.


ahh brilliant! I didn’t see the full node window with the editable bit! thanks for that. so now I just to sort out this ffmpeg thing. which by the looks of it some sort cmd code rather than software I open. I’m no good with cmd code stuff. or am I looking at the wrong ffmpeg?


Thanks for the link to the instructional videos!