Particle Illusion - adobe plugin - rendering incorectly in host

I am having an issue when I create a basic Particle Illusion look. It looks correct it in Particle Illusion, but when I click apply and look at it in the host application it renders incorrectly. It seems to play a few frames correctly, then gets stuck in a loop and flicker randomly between a few frames for the remaining length of the layer. Not what I expect!

Tried changing values in PI to see if one value is not translating well between PI and the host but to no avail.

It does not do this problem on all particles. Only some. For example - any of the Bamboo Wave emitters have this issue.

Host is either After Effects or Premier. Both have identical problems.

Any help appreciated!!


Thank you for reporting this to us - we’ve reproduced the problem in out labs exactly as you have described and will investigate the cause of the problem. Hopefully we’ll be able to offer a free update with a fix for this soon. Can you please reach out to me directly - my email is I have something that I’d like to try to get you through the issue so that you use the emitter and can complete your project.