Particle Illusion AGAIN! Thanks you BorisFX

I used to swear by Particle Illusion 3 back in the day (with AfterEffects) - I have a PI3 standalone license and was just looking at the installation CD earlier this year!

So glad to see it has been refreshed, and is now FREE to use as well - there’s NOTHING like dragging those particles around in the viewer window!

I remember when I had downloaded the demo back then - literally dragged around THREE particles, and was SOLD! I immediately purchased the license with nary a regret! Great times (again)…

Thank you so much for this BorisFX!

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Great to hear from a longtime user. Be sure to participate in the forums and share your knowledge with the new users!

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I also would like to add my immense THANK YOU for releasing this incredibly powerful software for free. Wow. I’ve only had it a few days and am utterly loving it!