Particle Illusion and 3D Object Integration Confusion

Host - After Effects

Hello - I understand with the latest version of Particle Illusion; it now has the ability to import 3D objects and use those 3D objects as emitters; from the surface, edge or vertices.

One can choose a .C4D File or an .OBJ file as possible selections.

I understand how to use an .OBJ file as an emitter - an .OBJ is a single object/model.

I am confused about what it actually means to use a .C4D file as an emitter. For example; I can have a .C4D project file with 1000 different models inside of it; how does PI discern which model to use? How integrated is it exactly with C4D? For example, would it have the ability to track animation of a single model that I created within a .c4d file???

Thanks for help,


Hi There,

While Particle Illusion includes support for the import of both .obj and .c4d files, PI does not include any animation data on the scene import, only the models themselves are included. In the case where there are multiple models included in the c4d scene file, all of these models will import into PI as a single grouped element and each model in the grouped scene will become an emitter in PI, although control over individual each individual element in the group is not permitted. To control individual elements, you must import each of the models individually into PI

I hope this helps!