Particle Illusion animation problem

I’m using the Vegas Pro 18 (up to date patch) and trying to animate a PI effect. I turn on “Auto Keyframe” and move the two points to match the scene throughout - it’s only 4 seconds long.
The problem is that when I return to the beginning of the clip, my two points no longer match the frame - they’re not where I put them. Also, each time I skip to the end and then back to the start, the points are further away.
Is this a bug or could I be doing something strange?

Very strange alright - I’m assuming that you’re doing all of this keyframing in the PI custom GUI, yes? Would you mind please sending along a project that we can look at to see if we can understand the source of the problem? And the source and project frame rates in Vegas match, yes?

Yes, keyframes in PI GUI. Frame rate of project is 25, source is 50. I’ve tried setting them the same and the problem is still there. I’ve tried it with footage from three different camera models shot on two separate occasions. All my projects are affected in the same way.
Attached is a simple test, where I imported a single video file in an empty project, added Pi to a chunk of it and animated points with the same result.
I’m not sure what help the project file will be without the footage, but here it is anyway.
Thanks for quick reply :slight_smile:

Pi (443.0 KB)

Is the layer position animating? Are you applying a World or Emitter transform back in the PI parameters in Vegas?

This is a line emitter I assume – is the “angle” parameter of the emitter 0?

Yes, a line emitter - Flame Sword(mb). Nothing else is animating, no transforms in Vegas.
I can recreate problem like this:
Start with empty project, import video, drop video on timeline, drop PI on video, open PI, animate emitter start and end points throughout clip. Same result every time. It seems I need to add more than one Keyframe for the problem to show, though. If I just add one at the start, I can flick around in the clip and It stays put.

VegasPro 18 latest build here too. I’m watching this thread.

I take it the sudden radio silence would imply that some programmer somewhere is now scratching his head? It would be good to know that the problem is not unique to my installation…

We should have asked this first, but are you using the latest version of PI?

Yes indeed.

Looping back to this after a long delay…

did you try animating the line emitter points when running PI standalone (not launched from Vegas)? You can’t load the footage of course but at least this will tell us if the issue only happens when interfacing with the host.

You can also reach out to me directly and I can get you setup with the latest beta build to see if the issue still exists. (alan@borisfx dotcom)