Particle Illusion Blocker, Deflector and hopefully Forces in the future

I’ve come to realize that the built in Blocker and Deflector tools from PI-3.09, were vital tools for quick particle compositing and behavior customizations in my workflow. The new Mocha masking features in AE are stellar, but retaining or revising these legacy feature would be very valuable in terms of versatility and capabilities for more intricate compositing jobs. Hope to see them return soon.


Thanks for your comments! We agree - blockers, deflectors and forces are indeed very important features in Particle Illusion. For blockers, Particle Illusion relies on Mocha, which is much more powerful than the blocker option that was included in PI 3. We’ve just added the original deflectors and forces options to PI and these new features (and more) will be available as a part of the Continuum 2019.5 product release, which is scheduled to happen in June.


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Super excited to hear this. Bravo to your team for giving new life to this exceptional software.
Is there a way to use Mocha masking directly inside PI as well as AE for a two tier compositing process?. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks!

There is no way to use mocha masking directly inside the PI UI at this point. The Mocha masking just acts as a post-processing mask back in the PI native host controls. Referencing the Mocha mask inside the PI UI is something we could consider adding in the future though. Can you explain how you are thinking of using the Mocha masks inside the PI UI as opposed to the blocker-style masking which is applied at the end?

There’s a few intricate compositing uses I can think of. One simple benefit of a built in masking tool (with feathering controls and a “position/rotation/scale link to emitter” option) is the ability to pre customize the shape and falloff of particle systems prior to AE integration. Therefor in AE, masking can then be a focus for separating foreground and background elements.