Particle Illusion/Continuum Plugin for Adobe and Updating

I see there is an update for the Particle Illusion standalone (14.5) and I have updated that, but how do you update the Plugin version for Adobe that I purchased? Thank you.

You should be able to access it from the BorisFX downloads page. All of the products are listed there.

Thank You. Now I need to understand why my existing Activation Key won’t work on the updated version.

If your existing activation key covers Continuum 2021.5 then it should work, but if your activation was for an older version then it might need an upgrade. If you think there is a problem with the license, the specifics would best be discussed directly with our Sales or Support teams so they can look into the details of your individual license status.




Is there a way to roll it back?

Sure. Just uninstall the current version of Continuum (and for convenience skip the option where it asks if you want to remove the license so you don’t have to re-enter it). Then run the installer for whatever version of Continuum you want to use (and are licensed for) and you should be all set.

Where do I find the installer for the previous version?

The most up to date version of each older product flavor can be found here:

Boris FX | Legacy-downloads?

Thank you