Particle Illusion Crash solution

After going back and forth between the Particle Illusion plug-in in Vegas Pro 16 to the Standalone Particle Illusion I started having Vegas crashes. When I opened the Windows 10 Task Manager after closing out of Vegas and Particle Illusion I noticed an .exe of Particle Illusion still running in the background. Once I killed that task all worked as it should with the plug-in in Vegas. Just FYI.

Just to be clear – you were launching PI from within Vegas? You never launched PI from Windows directly, right?


Hi Alan. I was doing both. I’d launch it in Vegas as a plugin. Then later in the day after I had closed Vegas I would launch the standalone - just exploring. Then after I closed the standalone and went back to Vegas the crashes began. Somehow, I think, the standalone wasn’t being released on close - it’s .exe was still indicated in my Task Manager. Once I stopped that task, all returned to normal in Vegas. That’s my working theory right now.

Interesting. Thanks!

FYI the .exe that didn’t close was listed in the “Background processes” portion of Task Manager not under “Apps”.